Keywords: life crisis, self-discovery, passion, reality, question, 20’s


I often forget who i am. Why i am here, on this path, that feel as hell, full of obstacles and hardship. I often lose my track. I lose my sense of purpose. I often disregard my roots and let myself loose on temporary happiness which somehow lead me into blindness. I realize it. I regret things. But I keep repeating it. Until it become a cycle where i, even myself, feel sorry to this soul, soul that trapped in my body. I keep repeating it. I know i would regret it at the end. But still do it anyway. Somehow, I feel I hate myself. I wonder how other people could deal with it easily? They say, I shouldn’t think about it too much and instead do what I have to do. But, whenever I try to do it, it feels wrong, it doesn’t make me happy, it neither satisfy my mind nor my soul. Is it normal to have this feeling? Is it normal to lead a life like this? What kind of end will i face if i keep it on status quo? (END/DS).


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